Domestic Grade

Domestic Grade

Usually installed in roofing systems with tiles, tiling battens, roof rafters and an apex ridge. The product lies beneath the tiling battens, secured by the rafters where the tiles or tin cover the tiling battens.

The product should be laid horizontally in the same direction as tiling battens with a minimum of 150mm overlap on the layers. The product should be laid from the bottom of the roof towards the apex for better waterproofing.

It is important that the product is pulled tight across roofing system to improve dust control, water run-off and insulation properties.

The product can either be secured using nails, staples or double-sided tape. It is important that the product is properly secured to avoid creases, gaps or tears. Please ensure that no damaged material is installed as this will affect the performance of the product.

Please ensure the product is secured firmly with an extra overlap at the apex and gutters of the roof. This will significantly reduce the chances of tears or delamination.

The Scrim Facing Insulation can be repaired using Aluminium foil tape or Foil Scrim Kraft tape.