Industrial Grade

Industrial Grade

Used in the roofing system of factories and warehouses involving steel roof structure, PVC straining wires and steel battens.

The PVC straining wires should run above steel battens where the Scrim Facing Insulation is secured to the PVC straining wires.

The product should be laid vertically in the same direction as the straining wires with a 150mm overlap. It is recommended that the straining wires are spaced at 350mm intervals with the first straining wire secured at 75mm from the gable end.

It is important that the product is laid tight against PVC straining wires and is secured using nails, staples or double-sided tape. Please allow for extra overlap at bottom and apex of the roof.

For industrial application, it is advised that this product is installed by a licensed contractor to improve the effectiveness of product regarding fire, waterproofing, dust and thermal insulation.